Meet Scarlet

Jyoti is a Software Developer, Working as a Freelancer. Jyoti enjoys working indoor on her laptop along with her dog.

She also has passion for learning and sharing knowledge which led
her to start her YouTube channel in 2020.

Jyoti is an ambitious problem solver with a passion to learn and spread knowledge. She has experience in web development and possesses great communication people relationship skills. She is thorough and precise in everything she does and has keen interest in technology, web applications and user experience.

Core Strengths

  • Delivering complex concepts in a simple fashion
  • Listening to client needs and translating to technical needs
  • Effective communicator with both clients and team members

Technical Skills:

  • HTML5, CSS3 (Sass), JavaScript
  • Cross-browser compatibility historian
  • Responsive & mobile layouts
  • Adobe Photoshop veteran
  • Git collaboration & deployments
  • Intermediate PHP
  • Email Design (modern & legacy)
  • Bootstrap, React


I love writing code, but I’m not a computer science major. I spent my college years studying Finance, English and education. Coding is something that amused me a couple of years ago. Being a front-end developer is incredibly rewarding. Tackling challenges, learning new things, I would never ever want to think that i know enough. Because there is something or the other that changes, as Change is the only Constant.


I Love Painting and Sketching. Its something that i do out of hobby. I am not a “Pro”. But it keeps me calm and happy and it doesn’t bite. There are many a things that i like coz this world is wonderful amazing and there’s always something new to learn. I have few images on display below.

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